Were we ungrateful? Certainly we were wasteful ...

I Forgot About You

I hate when fools think they can get a girlfriend and keep talking to me. Don’t think so…

I do bitches I don’t know big favors. Apparently. Yo man ain’t shit but I lookin out for ya girl. 



heehee I love these commercials




heehee I love these commercials


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I hate unwanted touch

I hate when someone doesn’t respect that I don’t want to be touched. I hate that they take it personally. I don’t like to hug everyone. I don’t like to be touched or back rubbed or caressed. I don’t like it. I don’t like being touched. I don’t like being touched when it’s not invited. I don’t like being touched when I don’t know I’m about to be touched. I don’t like when someone acts like it’s insulting to them that I don’t want them to touch me. 

People who touch me without asking make me want to self immolate. 

When someone kisses me and I don’t want to be kissed I feel like I have to cut that part of my body off. I can still feel the fucking germs and smell them after they have gone. 

I’m so angry right now. 

How to Destroy Angels…

I wish it was Trent singing… of course this is tolerable because it’s totally his music. But w/e… he can pimp this and I will listen. 


Shawnna - Gettin’ Some Head [Remix]

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I can identify with this article.

"I was traveling through Europe with my boyfriend over the Christmas holidays. At the Prague castle, a ticket agent spoke English with my white boyfriend, and then turned and tried his Japanese with me. When I didn’t respond, he asked my boyfriend standing right next to me, "What does the lady speak?" His English wasn’t great, his accent heavy, and my boyfriend didn’t hear him at first over the buzz, so he tried again, "Japanese?" This time, I spoke up, "No, Chinese." He then tries a few lines of his limited Chinese with me. I just wanted to get past him as quickly as possible, so I obliged sparingly, as it had become clear to me that he was going to hold on to our ticket until I had given him some indication of my ethnicity. Pretending to not hear him hadn’t worked."

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I know what you hate so I do it constantly - Trollface | Meme Generator

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Kitty-robics. (x)

joplin would let me do this. 

omg. lol

Ivan would MURDER me if I tried this! He may look soft and cuddly but he scratches the a muthahugger!

OMG. I’m so gonna try this.

LMFAO. This is the RIGHT way to exercise!

An exercise routine we can all enjoy

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If you live in the United States and don't have health insurance, you qualify for discounted prescription drugs




Today in Useful Fucking Things That No One Tells You About: the Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) offers a discount drug card to uninsured Americans. The card is accepted at over 56,000 pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens, and Safeway, and offers a discount of up to 75%.

I was fired a few years ago and was afraid I would have to give up my antidepressants, but my dad told me about the drug card. With it, I paid $30 instead of $60. Still kinda pricey, but I was able to afford them until I found a new job (and since they were for my social anxiety, I have no doubt they helped during interviews).

Share this. I’m sure there are a ton of unemployed and uninsured people who don’t know about this.

So important, definitely spread this.

That one time I wasn’t on psych meds because I couldn’t afford them.


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In Case You Were Wondering, Chris Brown Is Still The Absolute Worst



If you haven’t read the old police report lately or seen Brown’s tweets from Grammy night, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Read it… and weep.

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